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Rust prevention

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Columbus Ohio's authorized Fluid Film undercoating installer.

Fluid Film is a powerful rust inhibitor that is derived from lanolin, also known as wool wax, which provides the best proven protection against rust & corrosion year-round.

We offer both regular Fluid Film and Fluid Film Black. All Fluid Film packages come with an underbody wash and dry before application. 

Why Fluid Film?

Fluid Film has been used to prevent corrosion and to lubricate moving parts since the 1940's. It was originally designed to protect U.S. Navy ships from rust and corrosion during World War II. Today, Fluid Film is used by the United States Department of Defense, NASA, Delta Airlines, John Deere, Caterpillar, and many others for a variety of rust-preventative applications. 

Our Fluid Film undercoatings are long-lasting, effective, and safe for your vehicle. Traditional rubber or asphalt-based undercoatings that harden are known to crack over time and trap moisture underneath, causing rust to form at an accelerated rate. Fluid Film, however, remains a grease-like consistency and penetrates metal surfaces & existing rust to actively repel moisture, salt, and other harmful elements.

Rust-Preventative undercoatings

Regular Fluid Film: $180*

Fluid Film Black: $205*

* Trucks are subject to a $20 upcharge

For daily drivers, we recommend an annual Fluid Film application.

Please contact us for commercial vehicle & equipment pricing.

What's Included?

Our undercoatings include bumper-to-bumper coverage of all metal surfaces that are prone to rusting or corroding over time. Our special equipment allows us to spray into all existing openings of the frame, rockers, doors, tailgate, etc. to ensure your vehicle is fully protected - inside and out.

* We do not drill new holes *

* Doors and engine compartment sprayed by request *

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