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Ceramic Coatings

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Protect, enhance, and maintain your vehicle with revolutionary ceramic coating technology.

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Superior Protection

A ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle as a liquid and it hardens into a thin layer of glass that essentially serves as a 'sacrificial clear coat'. Ceramic coatings are capable of protecting your vehicle's paint, wheels, trim, and glass from harmful environmental elements including, but not limited to, UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, bugs, tar, iron & fallout, and minor scratches/scuffs.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Not only do ceramic coatings provide durable protection, but they add an unfathomable amount of depth and gloss that traditional waxes/sealants fail to provide. With a ceramic coating, it is possible for your vehicle to maintain a fresh, 'wet' look year-round.

Simple Maintenance

A ceramic coating makes the routine washing process quicker and simpler than ever before. Due to the ultra-slick nature of ceramic coated surfaces, most bugs, dirt, and other contaminants fly off the vehicle as it is rinsed. The drying process takes only a few minutes with a leaf blower and a plush microfiber towel.

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We are proud to be certified 22PLE installers.

We offer a variety of ceramic coatings to cater to your vehicle's needs.

6 Month Ceramic Coating

Starting at $200

2-3 Year Ceramic Coating

Starting at $500*

1 Year Ceramic Coating

Starting at $300

6-8 Year Ceramic Coating

Starting at $700*

All ceramic coating packages include a thorough wash and decontamination prior to installation.

* Due to the semi-permanent nature of the 2-3 year ceramic coating and the 6-8 year ceramic coating, a paint correction is recommended prior to installation.

Price may increase based on vehicle size.

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