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Exterior Detailing

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Unrivaled Exterior Car Detailing in Columbus, Ohio

Restore & Protect your Ride's Showroom Finish

At Hilliard Detailing Garage, we take pride in providing top-tier exterior detailing services for vehicles in Columbus, Ohio and beyond. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing the appearance and longevity of your car's exterior, ensuring it shines like new for years to come.

Our Full Exterior Detailing Package Includes:

  • Thorough Wash: We start by giving your vehicle a meticulous hand wash, ensuring every surface is free of dirt, grime, and debris.

  • Clay Bar Treatment: Our experts use a clay bar to gently remove embedded contaminants from the paint surface, leaving it smooth and ready for the next steps.

  • Iron Decontamination: We go the extra mile to eliminate stubborn iron particles that can embed themselves into your vehicle's paint, causing unsightly rust spots.

  • Paste Wax or Sealant: Customize your detailing experience by selecting your preferred option for protection and a brilliant shine. Whether you opt for the classic allure of paste wax or the modern durability of a sealant, your vehicle will radiate excellence.

  • Glass Cleaning & Rain-X: Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with our professional glass cleaning service, leaving your windows streak-free and gleaming. A Rain-X windshield sealant is included for enhanced water repellency, ensuring a safer and clearer driving experience even in inclement weather.

  • Trim Conditioning: We use premium products to condition and protect all exterior plastic and rubber surfaces.

  • Door Jambs: We pay attention to every detail, including door jambs, to ensure a complete cleaning experience, leaving no area overlooked.

Experience the ultimate in exterior car detailing with Hilliard Detailing Garage.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and treat your vehicle to the care it deserves.

At Hilliard Detailing Garage, we understand that every car is unique, which is why we offer a range of additional services to customize your exterior detailing package. Elevate your experience with our premium add-ons:

Trim Restoration: Starts at 75

We rejuvenate faded or dull trim pieces, restoring them to their original luster for a cohesive and polished look. 

*Results may vary

Glassparency Glass Treatment: Starts at 100

Do you struggle to see during inclement weather? Introducing Glassparency: A revolutionary glass treatment that dramatically enhances visibility, reduces glare, and fortifies glass to keep you and your loved ones safe.

*Backed by a complimentary 3-YEAR WARRANTY

Paint Correction/Polishing: Starts at 300

Bid farewell to swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation as we delicately correct any blemishes in your vehicle's paint, enhancing depth and clarity for a mirror-like reflection that captivates at every angle.

*Results may vary

Long-lasting Ceramic Coatings: Start at 200

With options ranging from one year to an impressive six years of protection, our ceramic coatings offer flexibility to suit your needs and budget. Experience the ultimate defense for your vehicle's paint, wheels, and trim and enjoy the benefits of a stunning, showroom-worthy shine that lasts.

Full Exterior Package Pricing:

Cars, SUV's, Trucks: 140

Boats, RV's, & Aircraft: Please Contact Us

Fleet & Commercial: Please Contact Us

*Receive a discount when you bundle with an interior detail. Contact us to learn more.

Basic Wash Pricing:

Cars, SUV's, Trucks: 80

Boats, RV's, & Aircraft: Please Contact Us

Fleet & Commercial: Please Contact Us

*Existing ceramic coating clients enjoy 50% OFF. Contact us to learn more.

Get a Free Quote

For a free quote, simply stop by our shop during business hours, give us a call, or complete the 'Contact Us' form.

We look forward to restoring, perfecting and preserving your vehicle.

Premium Exterior Add-ons:
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